Wisconsin Brewing Company announces the name of Beer #008
Monday, August 25, 2014
    Back in May, the folks at Wisconsin Brewing Company asked their fellow Wisconsinites to help name an exciting new craft beer, the eighth produced by the brewery. Three months and literally hundreds of names later, both the beer and the name are ready to be unveiled. Craft beer drinkers, get ready to meet #008, Ol' Reliable!

    "This was an amazing process," said Carl Nolen, president of Wisconsin Brewing Company. "From the beginning, we knew this was a very special brew. This is an awesome beer that truly reflects the essence of Wisconsin -- it's got a wonderful flavor, a crisp, clean and refreshing taste; this is a beer that's really fun to drink. Everywhere we brought the first batches, every place we offered it up, the response was overwhelming. People love the taste of #008. And we said, 'all these folks are so passionate about this beer, we should ask their help in naming it.' "

    The call went out, from the brewery's Backyard Bar and Taproom to multiple community events, including Rhythm & Booms. Names poured in by mail, text, email and paper scraps dropped off at the brewery and in suggestion boxes at area events. "We said, 'let the ideas flow,'" added Nolen. "And did they ever! We were awed by the incredible enthusiasm and creativity."

    Entries ranged from smart and insightful, to descriptive and wildly creative, to just plain wild. Names like "Wisconsin Wowwy," "Little Frog," "In yo face," and "Cowabunga" -- while admittedly imaginative -- didn't make the cut. In the end, the name chosen was reflective of the beer's unique personality, something WBC brewmaster Kirby Nelson recognized about the brew from the very beginning.

    "When you peel everything else away, the exceptional balance, the wonderful taste, there is a common denominator here: Consistency." explained Nelson. "This is a beer that will always deliver great flavor and a great experience, a beer you can count on every time you go to the fridge, a beer that will never let you down. We've casually referred to this lager as a steady, reliable beer. So when we saw Ol' Reliable on the list, I said, 'that's it!'"

    #008 Ol' Reliable, a Munich--Helles lager (a style known for its clean, crisp, lighter taste), will be available in stores and on tap throughout Wisconsin in September. Numerous tasting events will be held to help introduce Ol' Reliable to the beer--drinking public (dates, locations and times will be posted at It joins the brewery's Wisconsin Classics family of beers, and is slated for production year--round.

    "We can't wait to introduce all of Wisconsin to this new craft beer," said Nolen. "If you're looking for an awesome beer to drink, a wonderful flavor to enjoy, just an overall great beer--drinking experience, you can definitely rely on Ol' Reliable."

    Wisconsin Brewing Company opened November 1, 2013 in Verona, Wisconsin with a state-of-the-art facility and a passion for the state of Wisconsin and great craft beer. That pride is demonstrated with beers true to Wisconsin's brewing legacy, created by award--winning Wisconsin brewmaster Kirby Nelson, in a brewery that is made almost entirely with Wisconsin--crafted parts provided by Wisconsin--based companies.

    Wisconsin Brewing Company
    1079 American Way
    PO Box 930397
    Verona, WI 53593
    Ph: 608-848-1079

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