Capital Brewery Releasing Cabernet Barrel-Aged Dark Doppelbock
Monday, November 28, 2016
    MIDDLETON, WI - Capital Brewery is releasing a very limited, tap-only, version of their Dark Doppelbock that has been aged in Cabernet Barrels. Available at Capital Brewery and a handful of bars and restaurants starting the first week of December.

    The 2016 Cabernet Barrel Aged Dark Doppelbock has been aging in fresh California Cabernet Barrels for over 10 months. This mother of all doppelbocks has been taken a step further. Notes of dark fruits and chocolate waft through the nose. The creamy, white chocolate foam tops the glass. The rich brown body hosts a plethora of dark malts and mysterious fruits. The smooth character of the body only accentuates these flavors.

    The Cabernet Barrel Aged Dark Doppelbock clocks in at nearly 8% Alc./Vol. making it a true winter warmer that, nestled between the dark fruit and robust chocolate nose and flavor, houses a real holiday spirit.

    This very limited release, tap only, beer will be available starting the first week of December at only a handful of bars and restaurants along with our on-site Bier Stube at Capital Brewery – 7734 Terrace Avenue, Middleton, WI 53562.

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Wisconsin Brewing Company has strong demand for new Badger Club Amber
Monday, November 21, 2016
    Verona, WI - Wisconsin Brewing Company’s Brewmaster is never satisfied, believing in a constant review of our beers. Earlier this year he decided to do a total re-do of our Golden Amber. “I enjoyed our Amber, yet believed there was much more potential in the beer” relates Kirby Nelson. “So I decided to take a new approach to the amber concept, changing the formula and raw materials, changing the yeast strain, and BOOM! The resulting liquid really came alive and became a brand new beer.”

    “The last time someone asked me what our break-through beer was, I said we haven’t brewed it yet. But, now if asked, I’d say our breakthrough beer is Badger Club,” said Carl Nolen, President and CEO of Wisconsin Brewing Company.

    Badger Club Amber contains Munich and Caramel Malts and Cascade Hops and is promoted as an approachable, easy-drinking, malt-emphasized yet balanced beer.

    Badger Club debuted at Taste of Madison and has been only available on draught until now. On November 1, state-wide distribution began in 6-pack bottles and in the Wisconsin Brewing Variety Pack.

    “We’ve noticed that far too many beer drinkers are asking for what’s new, not what’s good. If the initial response, and those asking for more, is any indication, this beer is pretty damn good.” Nolen added.

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