Thursday, July 7, 2016

    MIDDLETON, WI  - What happens when you put Capital Brewery’s first brewmaster together with the current brewmaster? They make beer, of course!

    When Fred Scheer visited Capital a few months ago he suggested pursuing a collaboration with Ashley Kinart.

    The latest installment in Capital Brewery’s 30th Anniversary is an imperial version of one of the first beers brewed by Capital in the spring of 1986, the award winning Special Pilsner.

    “Connecting with Fred has been fun and educational. We had a good time collaborating on the recipe since we wanted to do something as a spinoff of our original Pilsner, but not too far off the traditional path. It was also really interesting to see how much has changed here in the brewery, yet how much is still the same over the years” commented Brewmaster Ashley Kinart.

    The beer will be available on draft only at 6% ABV and 27 IBU.

    Look for this exciting new beer at your local on premise retailers, and in the Bier Stube and Bier Garten.

    Founded on March 14, 1984, Capital brewed its first batch of beer in the spring of 1986. The company has received over 235 major awards in both domestic and international competitions in over 15 categories. Capital was named Grand National Champion in the 2013 US Open Beer Championship, winning six medals.

    Posted by Wisconsin Brewers Guild at 2:28 PM

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